About Cris

me_small_square_webCris Rieder considers himself a Global Citizen, born in Austria, and lived in many exotic places like Northern Thailand, Southern India, Portugal, Maui & the Big Island of Hawaii.
For the last 10 years Prague/Czech Republic has been his home.
Now he is in the process of making a home & professional life here in beautiful Costa Rica.



About Frogg-y Webdesign:

Cris has been doing web design professionally for more than 10 years and knows the ins & outs of the world wide web. He has been creating websites for clients in Austria, Czech Republic, USA, Netherlands, Hawaii, just to name a few.

He brings a deep technical skill set to the work, but mostly he prides himself about bringing a sense of beauty, style & aesthetic into the process of creating a website.

Nowadays it is also more and more important to make websites that work well on desktop computers, tablets as well as on the multitudes of iPhones and Android phones that are in use now. Cris has the technical skills to make sure your future website will be future-proof ; D

Also multi-lingual websites are not a problem.

His strong side is to help a client to become clear as to what he/she wants to express on the website, what kind of text, photos, colors, audio, video and so on shall go onto it.

The overall feeling or atmosphere of the website is important and should express the individuality of the client or business who owns the website.

In this way, the creation of every new website is an individual adventure and he enjoys this co-creative process with a client very much.


Technical Skills:

HTML, CSS3, javascript, jQuery, a bit of PHP programming, Flash Actionscript, SVG

Most websites today are built on top of a CMS (Content Management System) that allows the client to change and edit many aspects of the website’s content. Cris mostly uses the famous WORDPRESS Content Management System for his work.

Besides those technical skills Cris also can provide services to create Quality Photos and Videos for your website.


Related services:

One-to-one training lessons in Adobe Photoshop for Graphic Design, Adobe Lightroom for Photographers & Dreamweaver for Web Design.

Basics of Web Design & making websites with WORDPRESS 

For people who want to learn the basics quickly and learn how to make a basic website for themselves, this one-to-one training is the best way to step into the complex world of the web and become a creator instead of just a consumer. Cris can easily adjust the curriculum to the individual needs of a person & his/her ambitions.

Programs and teaching material can be provided for Mac as well as PC computers.


Art of Photography:

Cris has been exploring photography as an art form & expression of ideas for long and did a number of professional exhibitions in Maui, Big Island/Hawaii, Auroville/India, London, Vienna, and Prague/Czech Republic.

He is specializing in Portraits and nudes & still life photos, Black&White & Classic Photo techniques.

His aim with photography is to go beyond the surface and capture the deeper level, the essence of a situation, a person or an object.

See his photo website: http://crisrieder.org/wp