Web Banners – animated & stylish online advertisement

The few examples of WebBanner advertisement that you see here are done  a long time ago in Flash, a technology that is allowed on Desktop computers but not on iPhones, iPads aso.

But similar things can be created using a technology called Javascript & Scaleable Vector Graphics SVG

With a little bit of creativity & the necessary technical skills, even advertising can be done with style & some artistic touch ; D



go to live site >> www.crisrieder.org/bannerads/2


go to live site >> www.crisrieder.org/bannerads/1


go to live site >> www.crisrieder.org/bannerads/2


go to live site >> www.crisrieder.org/bannerads/3


go to live site >> go to life site >> www.crisrieder.org/bannerads/3


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